What is the RecallChek App?

The RecallChek App lets you submit information about appliances to learn if that particular appliance is found in the database of recalled appliances.  A user account is required for billing purposes.

Which mobile devices are supported ?

All iDevices such as the iPhone / iPad & iPod Touch are supported.  Android 2.2 and above is also supported.  At this time we do not have an application for Blackberry or Windows Phone devices.

How can I get a copy of the app?

The iOS version can be found on iTunes here.  The Android version is available at Google Play here.

(NOTE: Our current release of the Android App dropped support for many modern phones.  This is causing the app download or update download to not happen at all for some devices.  If you are experiencing this behavior, we recommend that you manually download the .apk file and side-load it on to your device.  Directions on side-loading can be found here.)

How do I get an account to use RecallChek?

Contact Mike Doerr at Residential Warranty Services, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST.  317-573-2088 or 1-800-544-8156 or email: mdoerr@rwswarranty.com

Can I store my appointments on the app?

Yes, you will need to create an appointment in order to submit a RecallChek.  You can create an appointment at www.RecallChek.com and then “Fetch Appointments From Server” to have the information on your mobile device.  You can also create a new appointment directly from your mobile device.

How do I add an appliance to an appointment?

Fetch your appointments from the server to be sure you have an up-to-date list.  View one appointment in detail and then press the Add Appliance tab.  There are 3 ways to supply the model information found on the data plate of the appliance:  1) data entry the value as text.  2)  Pull a photo from your mobile device’s gallery that has been taken previously.  3) Take a photo with the app from your mobile device.  (The photo taken will be immediately stored in your photo gallery).

How do I Delete a created appointment?

To delete an appointment on your phone, select the client you want to delete. Under the Info tab click the button “Revise Property Info” and then select Delete This Appt at the top of the page. This will delete from your phone and RecallChek.com.  If you have instead deleted an appointment from RecallChek.com and are still seeing it on your phone, tap Fetch Appointments and your appointment list on your mobile device will update with current info.  An appointment will not delete if there is appliance info created that is bound to that appointment.

The App crashed when taking a photo, what do I do?

The app is capable of crashing when memory is exhausted, which can happen when taking photos and also in moments where other running applications are consuming the majority of device resources.  If the RC app crashes regularly on your device, you may want to avoid taking photos from within the app altogether.  You can supply the information as text, or you may also take photos from a basic camera application & then pull these images in to the app from its location in your gallery.  You can also take photos from a basic camera application and upload these photos to your appointment through the RecallChek website.

 I see the error message: failure to select last fetched 2

The developer accidentally left in a debugging message which is noticeable if you were previously using version 1.x of the app and auto-updated to 2.x of the app.  Please delete the app and reinstall it.

I see the error message, “A problem occurred during transmission. Please try again”, when I finalize an appointment.

This message is to let you know that your mobile device experienced a moment without internet connectivity while it was attempting to upload the finalized appointment data to the RecallChek server.  In this scenario, the upload transfer is halted and your mobile device is returned to a state of needing you to press “Finalize Appointment” again to re-start the transfer process.  (Depending on your type of connection depicts how long you have to wait on your data transfer.  If you are transferring 12 appliance photos and your connectivity flickers off for a quick moment any time before it reaches the end of the 12th, the app will halt with this message, requiring you to try again.)

I am part of a multi-inspection firm and when I fetch appointments I see more than just my appointments, I see appointments for my entire corporation.  Is this normal?

For now, yes.  Currently, members of a multi-inspection firm see all appointments for the company regardless if they are logged in as a master account or an individual account.

What if I submitted my appointment details from RecallChek.com website, and the appointment is still on my mobile device.

From your mobile device, tap Fetch Appointments.  The completed appointment will be removed from your mobile device and you will see a message saying the inspection was completed by another inspector.  The appointment will not be deleted from your mobile device if there are appliances bound to the appointment.  In this case, you need to manually delete each appliance off your mobile device first, then tapping Fetch Appointments will correctly clear out the completed appointment from your mobile device.

My appliance photo shows a question mark instead of the image.

This is possible when an image file has been deleted or relocated.  Do not submit these broken images to RecallChek.com, as they will likely show as broken images there too.  You will need to replace the photo and reference a valid image that can be found in your gallery.


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